Dr Peter Lovatt


Dr Peter Lovatt is an expert Cognitive Psychologist who has published academic papers in human memory, thinking and problem solving, language learning, computational modelling, self-confidence, dance and Parkinson’s disease. He is currently Reader in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire.

Peter is an excellent, fun and engaging speaker. He’s given five TEDx talks, dozens of corporate keynotes and worked with international brands, such as Saatchi & Saatchi, to create bespoke experiences.

"Peter was amazing at Qualtrics Converge Europe - he brought an awesome energy to the room that got people fired up, dancing and learning at the same time. It was a great experience from start to finish and I can't wait to hear him speak (and dance) again."

Ryan Smith, Qualtrics' CEO & Co-founder

Summer Dance (Psychology) Party - book here

Thursday 20th July 7-9pm

Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Rd, London, NW1 7AY

We normally dance without thinking too much about the deeper meaning of what we are up to. But dancing is in reality one of the most complex and subtle forms of communication – by which we signal a range of our qualities and interests  to the world.

At the School of Life, we are holding a ‘Dance Party’ with a difference. The event is being curated for us by one of the world’s leading (and only) dance psychologists, Dr Peter Lovatt. Peter has spent two decades studying why certain people move as they do, what drives us to pick one dance style over another, and what dancing does for our emotions and self-image.

Peter’s event is an ultimate fusion of theory and practice. It’s taking place in a dance hall where we will both study the psychology of dance – and try a hand at a variety of dance moves ourselves.  No experience whatever is required.

The nature of the event means that one can either show up alone or in a group: Peter regularly rotates participants and understands that a large part of what we want to do when we dance is connect with people in a way that ordinary language-based communication doesn’t allow.

The event will take us through key ideas in cognitive psychology and along the way, teach us a few things to improve our dance techniques as well.

The workshop is strongly recommended for people who strongly think they can’t dance.

Peter speaking at TEDx Oslo

Peter speaking at TEDx Observer, London