Dr Peter Lovatt


Dr Peter Lovatt is a UK Psychologist famous for his work on dance, and for helping people find their joy. He runs the Dance Psychology Lab, appears regularly on TV and is the master of on-stage edutainment*.

*Five TEDx talks

*Expert in Human Behaviour

*Author of peer-reviewed scientific papers

*Regular TV appearances as Dr Dance

*PhD in Cognitive Psychology

*Public Speaker

Before becoming a Psychologist Peter was a professional dancer.

*edutainment = educational entertainment

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Speaking Engagement

Peter has delivered an exceptional range of talks, keynotes and lectures around the world. He has, for example, given five TEDx talks, spoken twice at The Observer's Festival of Ideas, entertained audiences at the Science Museum, London, been invited to speak to government ministers from around the globe at the Edinburgh International Culture Summit, and delivered keynotes at corporate events.

Talk 1: From failed School boy to Cambridge University

Peter was rubbish at school. With severe reading difficulties he failed again and again. In his early twenties he decided to confront his reading demons and learn to succeed. This is Peter's story of how he faced up to being a school boy failure and the journey he took to become an academic scientist at one of the world's best universities.

Talk 2: Happiness and the Rhythm of Life

Research shows that whatever makes you happy—whether it's singing, dancing, making love or playing games—is doing more than simply putting a smile on your face.

Talk 3: Unlocking the Secrets of Creativity

We get stuck in set patterns of thinking. Peter explains how you can break away from these repetitive patterns and release your creative potential.

Talk 4: Good Moves: Learning with your body and mind

Why do we have to sit still when we're trying to learn something? Are we afraid that the clever stuff will fall out of our head? It wont. This talk is about the relationship between learning (clever stuff) and moving.

Talk 5: Dance, Hormones and Thinking

Why is the way you move your body influenced by your hormonal and genetic make up? And why is dancing good for our health and well-being? And why would some people rather pull out their finger nails than dance?
Peter spoke on Happiness and the Rhythm of Life at King's Place, London on 26th April, 2017 as part of Qualtrics Converge Europe

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