Victoria Derbyshire - 10th October 2018

BBC 2, BBC News Channel & Online

Peter was invited on to the show to talk about dancing and its efects on relationships. But the agenda changed while the show was on air and suddenly the other guests were discussing "gaslighting", the abusive technique of manipulating someone by psychological means into doubting their own sanity. [Read/hear more on gas-lighting here] When Victoria asked Peter what he thought, he had to do some fast fancy footwork to bring the discussion around to the psychology of dance. The episode is available to watch for the next 28 days from [here]
BBC News Online - 8th October 2018

Strictly Come Dancing: Who's been hit by the curse? By Cherry Wilson

Peter was interviewed by Francesca Gillet, from BBC News Online on the so-called "curse of Strictly", which is the tendancy for the Pro-Celeb couples to fall in love (or at least have a quick snog). Peter suggested that the curse might be a natural response to five aspects of dance, all grounded in the scientific literature. They are: social bonding from shared rythmic movements, shared experience of  emotional highs and lows in dance, prolonged physical intimacy through close-hold dancing, engaging in an activity (dance) which Darwin argued was part of the human mate-selection process and dealing with the in-group/out-group dynamics which are amplified by the structure of the show. [Read more]

Peter spoke about the Curse of Strictly on BBC News Online, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Three Counties Radio
BBC Radio Norfolk - Breakfast Show - 5th October 2018

Peter (or Dr Dance as he was called) was invited on to the Nick Conrad Breakfast Show to talk about dancing, and it's impact on the symptoms of Parkinson's. Peter spoke about how studies have shown that when people with Parkinson's dance, improvements in some physical symptoms, such as balance and coordination, and some non-physical symptoms, such as mood and quality of life, have been reported. Peter also spoke about the benefits of dancing for general well-being too.

The episode is available on the BBC iPlayer [Click here

DANCE issue 484 September-December 2018

Issue 484 is packed with great articles from interviews with West End star Jonny Labey, TV Dance Psychologist Peter Lovatt, and Janet Lewis MBE, to features on Bronislava Nijinska, The Royal Ballet's flagship programme for young dancers, Tap Challenge and the Janet Cram Awards finals. Plus product features, courses and training updates and essential tips and information for ISTD members.

Article: Dance on the Mind.

You are a dance Psychologist - what is that? A dance psychologist studies dance and dancers from a psychological perspective, and does so using scientific methods. Dance psychologists address questions such as "Are humans born to dance?" "Why does dancing have an impact on a person's self-esteem?" "How do dancers remember such long movement sequences?"... [Read more]

L'Officiel Hommes Numero 54 March 2018

Qui es-tu, Peter Lovatt? Interviewed by Audrey Levy

Danseur professionnel et chercheur en psychologie, il a créé le Dance Psychology Lab, un laboratoire de recherche qui jette des ponts entre les deux disciplines. Auscultant les effets de la danse sur nos comportements et notre santé, cet Anglais est à l’origine d’étonnantes découvertes. [Read more]

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Live 24 February 2018

Peter was a guest on Saturday Live speaking about his new book Dance Psychology and the start of the UK Tour of his new show Boogie on the Brain.

The interview team were Rev. Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir and the other studio guests were Debbie McGee and Jon Cushan

The episode is available on the BBC iPlayer [Click here

Dancing Times October 2017

The Blame Game, interviewed by Nicola Rayner

Partner dance can force us to confront insecurities about ourselves and our relationships. Dance psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt tells Nicola Raynor how social dance can become antisocial.

To download a PDF of the article [Click here]

BBC Focus November 2016

My Life Scientific, interviewed by Helen Pilcher

Strictly Come Dancing is back! Helen Pilcher talks to Peter Lovatt, aka 'Dr Dance', about music, movement and the importance of finding your groove.

To download a PDF of the article [Click here]

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