Peter's new book, Dance Yourself Happy, will be published in 2019

Dance Yourself Happy is a book for people who want to be happier.

Dance Yourself Happy is like a coat of many colours. Its got facts, science, personal stories and, most of all, dancing. It’s got lots of dancing. It’s a book about how dancing can make us all happier. There is scientific evidence that dancing in different ways can help us overcome the things that make us unhappy, such as depression, anxiety, anger and fatigue.  Dancing can help people make different types of decisions, it can help enhance a person’s self-esteem and it can help people overcome social isolation and shyness.  All you need to know is which type of dancing is the best one to use to help overcome each of these symptoms. Dance Yourself Happy gives you that secret.

The Doctor Dance approach in Dance Yourself Happy is based on the underlying assumption that we are born to dance.  There is a considerable body of evidence to suggest that dancing can change the way people feel and think, it can change a person’s self-esteem and it can temporarily relieve some of the symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders. But dancing is much more than that. We communicate through dance and body movement, such that the way we move might be influenced by how we feel and, remarkably, we can recognise a person’s emotional state from the way they move their body. We dance with our body and we use our mind to interpret bodily signals but what’s more, our subconscious movements and the way we dance is influenced by our hormonal and genetic makeup.  So dancing brings together our body, our mind and our hormones, no wonder dancing is such a powerful activity that can make us feel fabulous.

Dance Yourself Happy is about dancing; shaking your tail feather and feeling the groove. Each chapter in Dance Yourself Happy includes a specially designed, and scientifically choreographed, dance routine that will help people become happier.  Each dance routine is broken down and demonstrated by Doctor Dance himself.  There is a basic level of description for each routine. There is a also a chair-based description, so people who cannot stand can dance too, and there is an embellishment section so that people can add a bit of choreographic sparkle as they feel more confident.

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