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A Manifesto for Dance

Posted by on November 20, 2019 at 10:30 AM

It's election season, and while the main political parties are putting together their general election manifestos, I wondered what I would propose if I put together a dance manifesto of my own.


If I was to lead a political party it would be The Dance Party, and this would be our manifesto; it is a manifesto to enhance the physical and intellectual wellbeing of the nation.


Dance is a central part of human life. We need a political culture which recognises the importance and value of dance in every aspect of society. In addition to strengthening the current dance provision, The Dance Party will legislate for the following.


Dance in every school – no child left behind


We believe that every child, from pre-school through to year 12, should have access to high quality dance provision, and this dance provision should have the same status as literacy and numeracy.


Industrial and Business Strategy


We want to support our industries, businesses and workers by getting them moving, to increase productivity, creativity and wellbeing. Every workplace must have a place to move and dance, and we will bring in legislation to ensure that five minutes in every working hour should be set aside for non-work-related movement.


Health and Social Care


Dance and movement will become central parts of the health and social care system. Dance and movement activities will be available on prescription. To this end, the study of dance and its impact on health and wellbeing will be introduced to the medical school curricular.


The National Dance Service

To deliver on our priorities we will create a National Dance Service, where an ambitiously wide variety of dance services will be provided to educational settings, businesses, the arts and in health and social care settings, free at the point of need. The National Dance Service will be staffed by dance professionals on full time permanent contracts.


Research and Development


A National Centre for Applied Dance Research, will be established, which brings together scientists, artists and practitioners, working together to advance our knowledge of dance experimentally, theoretically and from an applied perspective.


National and Regional Dance Galleries


A series of national and regional dance galleries – similar to art galleries, will be built in every major city. The role of Dance galleries is to showcase the history and rich social culture of dance.


Local Communities


Local councils will have a legal duty of care to provide local communities with opportunities for shared movement and dance. We believe that every community should benefit from the increased social interaction and social bonding that comes from shared movement and dance. Furthermore, this dance provision should include a diverse range of social dances to help people learn about, and integrate with, different cultures and cultural practices.


A Living Wage


All dancers and dance professionals must be paid a living wage. In our first year in office we will pass legislation to make it illegal to ask any dancer to work for exposure.


Town Planning


Town planners will be instructed to make provision for places to dance in every town and city in the United Kingdom where there are fast food outlets, smoker’s shelters and coffee shops. The number of places to dance should always be equal to the number of places to eat, drink and congregate. Every community should have public places to dance, accessible to all.


Balancing the Books


Our manifesto is fully costed, with all current spending paid for out of taxation or redirected revenue streams. The Dance Party believes that the provision of dance on a national level will lead to a more efficient education system, more creative and productive workplaces and a healthier and a more socially supportive nation. Investing in dance will lead to a reduction in our nation’s historic fiscal deficit.


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Reply Simone
9:59 AM on November 21, 2019 
Where can I vote? Or better yet, join this party to run this!
Thanks for this
Reply Debbie Marper-Gibson
1:09 PM on December 1, 2019 
I'm voting for this!!
Reply Kelreom
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